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Дура - дурой, а свою тридцаточку в день имею - crossline's journal
Дура - дурой, а свою тридцаточку в день имею
Venezuela has announced a $16bn deal allowing China to drill for oil in the eastern Orinoco basin. Venezuela announced last Saturday that it had also signed a similar deal with a Russian consortium during Chavez's recent visit to Moscow. The deal will see the group of five Russian companies invest more than $20bn over three years, and gives them rights to drill for oil in the Junin 6 field, which is estimated to hold 53 billion barrels of heavy crude. "Adding both [the Russian and Chinese investments] it comes to $36bn for the next three years with the objective of producing in a partnership with Venezuela - with PDVSA holding most shares - 900 thousand barrels per day of crude, nearly a million," Chavez said. - "This good crude will be negotiated along with the Russians by Russian companies and Chinese companies."


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